Connectivity Solutions

Metro Ethernet

Our metro Ethernet solution connects our clients’ office within the same city. We help our clients eliminate recurrent independent branch internet connections.

3rd Party Internet Service Provider

With our many years of experience and partnership with different ISPs, we advice our clients on the connections that best suit their businesses with fail-over options of 100% uptime. With this we are able to implement cost effective solutions with quality.


With the growth of businesses today, fast and reliable connections are required. This increases the capacity and speed of information that can be transferred by almost 20 times the speeds and capacity when compared to the copper wire or electromagnetic waves via microwave or satellite connectivity. Our Fiber to the Home (FTTH) solutions for estates provides secondary with other services like VOIP and CATV.

VPN/Remote Office Connectivity

We design and implement VPN connectivity solutions on different platforms like cisco and windows server, allowing remote offices to have a secure connection over the internet to Head office with access to the intranet and company’s resources. We use a variety of advanced encryption methods to protect your communication channels. Through industry standard support of IPSec and L2TP, VPN provides means for secure communications with your remote users and for secure site-to-site connectivity.

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