This was birth in 2017 from our engagement with SAP’s Africa Code Week.

(Africa Code Week is an initiative of SAP supported by a host of partners like Google, UNESCO, Cape Town Science Center and others)

We felt as a company, we should help empower our community with technology. We want to help kids and teenagers get the requisite skills to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

This is a drive to catch them young. We help kids and teenagers get their first experience with computer programming and other tech fields like animation, robotics, networking and mixed reality. Over the years, we have been priviledged to train various schools across the country. We plan to train 1 million kids and teenagers by the 4th August 2022.

Google Digital Skills for Africa

We are trainers under Mind The Gap Innovation Hub (lead partners on the Google Digital Skills for Africa program in Nigeria). This collabouration has enabled us reach out to NYSC corps members, undergraduates, jobseekers, SMEs and C- Level executives. We share with them tools to enable them understand the  “Opportunities and How To Make The Most of the Web”. The program is part of Google’s commitment to bridge the digital literacy gap in Africa in order to raise the next generation of African workforce and expand opportunities; leaving no one behind!!!

The Google Digital Skills Program is a FREE off-line (Classroom) and On-line Certification training. To learn more click here:

Exsuntra Academy

We are committed to raising a generation of well trained professionals equipped with cutting edge technology to solve problems. Our training seeks to challenge all participants beyond limits. We get them involved in real life networking and digital problems. Our aim is to let them think and work without boundaries.

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